When In Doubt, Waffle!

Cooking for two has some disadvantages. Um wait. No it doesn't. Still, when I want to make half a dozen muffins for breakfast, I really hate heating up the whole oven to bake them. I've even considered getting the toaster oven out of storage and putting it inside the big oven since we don't have room on the cabinet for it. 

Enter the waffle iron! So far we've used it for cake (hello, chocolate waffles! ) and muffin batter. I saw a cinnamon roll waffles and pizza waffles on pinterest that looked fabulous, but so far haven't connived a way to pull it off with gluten free substitutes. 

Gluten-free banana waffles 

I don't know how much energy it really takes to heat up the oven as opposed to the waffle iron, but it sure makes me feel better to use the waffle iron instead. 

I've never seen a gluten-free waffle fall apart, have you? That's why I love this idea so much.If I'm concerned that my cake (or whatever) might not hold up, I love to make it into waffles. It's also a great way to change things up a bit and make breakfast or desert just a bit more interesting.

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