Welcome to The Frugal Farm Wife Blog! 

This is where I'll be sharing my ideas for living frugally on the farm. 

I am the wife of Gabriel and mother to Garrett. We are a gluten-free family and enjoy finding ways to be frugal while maintaining the gluten-free diet. Hence, you'll find a lot of recipes and tips geared toward that.


Gabriel is a farmer through and through. He loves cattle and gardening, and is currntly considering venturing in to the world of sheep. 

Our farm operation is grass based. Our beef cows are never fed grain. The idea behind this method of farming is good stewardhip of the land, the animals, and ourselves. 

God has blessed us greatly with a healthy little boy named Garrett. Currently his biggest interest is making lots of noise, but I'm sure that will change as soon as he learns to crawl! 

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