Swagbucks, Zoombucks, and Irazoo, Oh My!

I know that I risk beating an already over-beaten horse with this, but I want to do my part (ahem) to make sure that there’s nobody left who uses a search engine without getting paid for it.

Why would you use google when you could get paid to use swagbucks?

Where do you think the money for the last bridal shower gift I bought came from? Or the pasta press I’ve wanted for so long? Or my sister’s birthday present? Oh wait. That one was Irazoo.

See, swagbucks, though the the most popular by far, isn’t the  only game in town these days. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Why should you use swagbuck and other paying search engines? Easy. Every once in a while when you do a search, you’ll be awarded points. These points collect until you have enough to redeem them for something. My favorite is the amazon.com gift cards. It’s that easy.

There are other ways to win of course. With swagbucks, you get a point for voting on the daily poll, and two points for completing the noso which is basically a bunch of offers that you click through without accepting any of them. If you download the toolbar, you also get a point every day for logging in to that. There are also games, videos and special offers. My little brother has been known to play swagbucks games and rack up points for me whenever I let him. Shhh, don’t tell.


Irazoo is very similar. Points for searching. Games and special offers. I’ve earned many a gift card using irazoo. I must say however, that it’s no where near on par with swagbucks.


I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of experience with zoombucks. I love it in theory, and I’ve won my share of points using it. I’m just having a hard time getting into the habit of using zoombucks. You do win random search points using zoombucks, however, the focus on this particular site is surveys and special offers.

Best of all, with all three sites, you can earn refferal points. With swagbucks and irazoo, you earn matching points for each refferal up to a certain number, and with zoombucks, you earn a percentage of your refferal’s points. So yeah, the links on this page are definitely my refferal links.

With the three of these rewards sites, $5 amazon.com gift cards wrack up amazingly quickly. As much as I’m a fan of being insanely frugal most of the time, it’s been great to have a little extra cash to indulge in a few things. And not so little things either. I’ve bought an impressive number of paper diapers, wipes, a pasta press, Gymboss, books. A lot of stuff I wouldn’t have bought without swagbucks, zoombucks and irazoo.

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  1. Zoombucks is more or less a scam. Many things on their website dont work. Surveys often dont credit. I listened to the radio earning option for 2 hours on a Sunday and then for 3 hours on a Monday at work. Had it to crash a few times but it launched back quickly. Always typed in the captcha every 30 min. Left for a 45 min lunch only to be banned from streaming music, “Due to sustained suspicious visiting patterns, you have been blocked from accessing the RadioLoyalty platform” That is crazy who bans you from audio streaming for a 45 min stretch and how sustained can it be over 2 partial days of use. Back to to Iheart and Spotify for me. If you want a lot of work for NO rewards Zoombucks is the option for you, other wise I would recommend some of the other reward options like Swagbucks.


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