Shampooless Hair Experiment: Week One

I won't lie, it's been a little rough.

My hair certainly doesn't feel the same after I wash it without shampoo and conditioner.

First, let me explain the method. I read of a couple different ways of applying the baking soda:

The first was to sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda over your dry hair and rub it in. The only benefit to this method is getting to see what you look like with gray hair. Otherwise, I didn't like it. It was difficult to sprinkle it on so that it stayed on, plus, because the hair and soda were both dry, it was impossible to scrub my scalp sufficiently.

The second method was to make a paste and scrub that into dry hair. That didn't work very well either.

What I've ended up doing was mixing a tablespoon of baking soda into at least half a cup of water – probably more – and pouring it into my hair. That's worked the best so far.

For the vinegar, mixing one part vinegar to three parts water and rinsing with about half a cup of that solution seems to be a pretty universal method.

Anyway, the first time I washed it, after the baking soda wash, my hair felt so rough and tangled that it really bothered me. Fortunately, the vinegar smoothed it out a lot – but not as much as conditioner.

After that, it wasn't so bad, though my hair has been really greasy. That's why I'm giving this experiment four weeks. From what I've read, that's how long it can take for the oil glands in your scalp to settle into the new routine. In the mean time, keeping my hair in a pony tail is working (so far) to keep my oily hair from bothering me. (sorry if that's gross folks)

One thing I have definitely noticed is a build up on my scalp (again, sorry if this is gross, and yes, I'm scrubbing like crazy). Is it because I'm sweating so much? Between the garden, not running the A/C, and the super hot weather, well, you get the picture. So maybe this isn't directly related to the baking soda/vinegar thing. Who knows.

Hopefully, it'll clear up by next Tuesday and I'll have some good news.

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