Just a few days ago I ran out of cinnamon and had to pick some up at the grocery store. The price of just a small shaker made me cringe!

I usually like to keep bulk packages of common spices on hand to refill my shakers with – its so much cheaper that way!

A pound of an herb may sound like a lot, but if you do a lot of cooking from scratch they go much faster than you might think. And they do keep very well when sealed up tightly or kept in the freezer.

A pound of cut peppermint compared to a pound of cinnamon

Several years ago my mother began ordering bulk herbs from Ameriherb. They actually supply many other bulk herb stores and in fact supplied the store she'd ordered from before finding Ameriherb.

They don't have a flashy website, and their main drawback in my opinion is that you have to either order by mail or over the phone (their website says that you may create an account to order via email with them, but we've had no luck with that so far). But honestly, their prices are so good, it's well worth the effort.

For instance, since I bake gluten-free, it's of particular interest to me that their xanthan and guar gums are about half the price of those at whole foods. I don't even seem to be able to find gums on most bulk herb sites.

We also drink a lot of tea – peppermint tea that is – and Ameriherb's organic peppermint at les than six dollars per pound is by far the cheapest I've found.

I've also been quite impressed with the quality. The cinnamon smells amazing!

One pound of cinnamon fit nicely into this peanutbutter jar and cinnamon bottle

The minimum order price for free shipping is $200. Yeah, that gave me pause at first too. Then I realized that I only had to ask a few friends to order with me. Problem solved!
Mom and I ordered together this time around and stocked up to last us for a while.

I'm beginning to think However, that if I'd ordered enough peppermint to last through the summer, I could have gotten the $200 worth all by myself.


If you use any herbs at all, culinary or medicinal, I highly recommend looking into Ameriherb. You'll be delighted with how much you'll save.

Note: this is NOT a sponsored post. These are my opinions only. Ameriherb doesn't even know I exist.

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  1. Placed an order over the phone, was given a total and I paid with a credit card. Waited 2 weeks, no order came in so I started to call getting no answer. Finally day three I get someone, and he can’t even see where an order was placed. To make this long story short, my card was never charged and when I called back they hung up the phone on me three times by picking up and hanging up without saying a word. Not sure whats going on, but that’s no way to handle anyone.

    • Wow! So sorry you had a bad experience! I know they’re usually fairly slow compared to today’s standards, but we hadn’t had any mix ups like that.

  2. Okielady says:

    Hi Elise,
    Just wanted to let you know that Ameriherb and are the same company but you can order online from for any amount. They only charge a small handling fee.
    Hope this is helpful.

  3. daoine mccorry says:

    ameriherb is known for supplying low quality herbs that are not certified anything other than coated with pesticides.

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