Simple DIY Christmas Ornament Roundup

DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial Roundup

DIY Ornaments are So much fun! If you’re still looking for a few more to put on your tree, or give as gifts, there is something here in this list of 27 Simple Christmas Ornament tutorials! In case you missed it earlier this week, we also have a roundup of 35 Christmas Décor tutorials that you won’t want to miss! Borax Crystal Ornaments A cute and sparkly project for the kids to help with! Salt Dough Ornaments If you’re looking for something {Read More}

Hot Glue Snowflake Ornaments

Hot Glue Snowflake Ornament

I’ll be honest; the majority of my love for the holiday season stems from my love of holiday candy. I mean, I love making fudge from scratch (almost) as much as I love eating it! But this year, I’ve gotten a lot more excited than usual about decorating. Maybe it’s that our new house with it’s beautiful entryway and stair case just begs to be decked out in holiday swag. Of course, when I say I’ve been decorating, you have {Read More}

Last Minute Christmas DIY Décor Roundup

DIY Christmas Decor Roundup

Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it? We’ve been having a lot of fun this holiday season visiting family, attending our local Christmas parade, and moving into our new house (SUCH a blessing!). But with all this busyness, I’m suddenly finding myself in “last minute mode” Eek!  I know I can’t be the only one (right?), So this week, we’re putting up a bunch of round up posts here, geared toward last minute decorations, ornaments, and gifts, that you {Read More}

Recipe For Chocolate Fudge

Recipe For Chocolate Fudge

Homemade fudge is, I think, the most quintessential holiday treat. Sadly though, almost every recipe for chocolate fudge that you see today is the melt a bag of this, add a can of that variety.  It’s not that I have anything against these types of recipes in and of themselves, but I have neither chocolate chips (for the very simple reason that if I did, I’d eat them up. Darn chocolate addiction), or sweetened, condensed milk in my pantry on {Read More}

Small Children’s Classic Toys Gift Guide

Walk into the stores right now, and what’s the first thing you see? Toys! Lots of toys just begging your kids to beg you to buy them! Frankly, I’m a little disillusioned by the toys being offered. It’s not that I don’t think Olaf is cute, it’s just that I don’t want my kids to end up with toys that have such narrow imaginative potential. I’ve found that they can keep themselves happier, for a longer portion of time with {Read More}

How To Make A Grapevine And Mistletoe Wreath


I so excited about this wreath! I really, really wanted to do some decorating this year, and wreaths are one of my favorite ways to get into the holiday spirit but, nice wreaths are so expensive!  I knew there was no way I was going to buy one, and my sister and I have been working on making a lot of homemade ornaments this year, so I decided to make a visit to my father-in-law’s farm and steal – *cough* I {Read More}

Apple Salad Recipe

Apple Salad Recipe

We always viewed apple salad as a treat growing up. It was something my brother often begged for – even though he picked the celery out before eating it – and we all gobbled it down any chance we had. Who knew that a simple mixture of apples, dates, marshmallows, and celery could be so so delicious! I think this is one of those recipes where “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” definitely applies!   I’ve honestly {Read More}

Gifts For The Manly Man

 Is it just me or are men difficult to find good gifts for? Guys probably say the same thing about women though. I’m pretty sure small tools don’t fit the bill – for the same reason I don’t really want paring knives for Christmas. So, with the help of my manly man husband, I’ve been compiling a list. Wanna see it? Maybe it’ll give you some good ideas too! Some of the gifts are frugal, or DIY, others… not so {Read More}

Homemade Natural Lip Balm Recipe

Homemade Natural Lip Balm Recipe

Oh y’all! Do your lips get as chapped as mine do as soon as cold weather hits? It’s downright painful! I use to be a professional lip balm buyers in winters past (I kid, but only slightly), but ever since making homemade baby lotion, I’ve wanted to make my own lip balm too, and this winter, I finally did it! And I can assure you, it’s ten times better than anything I’ve ever bought! No more of this reading ingredients {Read More}

Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Easy Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Got leftover mashed potatoes? Make shepherd’s pie! That’s exactly what I did in the pictures you see here. My mother-in-law, sweet lady that she is, had made supper for us the night we moved into our new house, and she sent so much that we had a bunch of mashed potatoes left over. So I whipped this up the next day for lunch. Don’t you just love casseroles? Nothing speeds dinner prep up like being able to group all of {Read More}