Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Smoothie Recipes. Such a great list with so many different recipes from tropical, to protein-rich!

Who doesn’t love smoothies? I think I fell in love with them after I realized that you could freeze or partially freeze the fruit and use smoothie recipes to make healthy soft-serve ice cream. I also broke my (cheap) blender doing that.  But that’s neither here nor there. I made a batch of healthy no-bake cookies to console myself and moved on.  Now I make frozen smoothies in the food processor.  We’ve separated these healthy smoothie recipes into several different {Read More}

Gluten-Free Monkey Bread

gluten-free monkey bread

You know how one taste, or sound, or smell can take you right back to your childhood? Monkey bread is that way for me. It was one of those rare breakfasts that mom would make for a special treat.   So soft, so fluffy, and so dripping with gooey cinnamon/butter/sugar.  So GOOD! But of course, it wasn’t gluten-free.    It use to make me sad to think that we had to give up our favorite comfort foods when we went {Read More}

Chocolate Coconut Cookies No Bake

chocolate coconut cookies no bake

I think that no-bake cookies will always be my first love (in the cookie world at least). Everything about them is perfectly lovable, from the fudge texture, to the sweet, chocolaty flavor, to the – oh, didn’t I mention? – the ease of making them.  They’re a recurring treat in our family. Whether I’m trying to be good with healthy no-bake cookies, or just going all out with lots and lots of sugar. Like this recipe. 😉  I should mention {Read More}

Baking With Gluten-Free Flour

Baking With Gluten-Free Flour

Learning that you’re gluten-intolerant, or have celiac disease can be scary. At first you’re wondering what that even means, and then when it sinks in, you’re wondering if you’ll ever eat a cookie – or more importantly, bread – again.  Or, if you’re like me, you find out your fiancé has celiac disease and you think, “whatever, I can just replace the wheat flour with something he can have”. Haha! No.  I mean yes, to some extent, but trust me, {Read More}

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I think it’s safe to say that we’re all concerned about the health and fitness of our families, and want very much to improve both of those things, as well as decrease our chemical exposure.  But it’s tough to know where to start, so you end up flailing around, following a few principles and pieces of advice, but not really having any sort of roadmap to follow.  Let me help you with that! My friends over at Spark Health and {Read More}

Strawberry Iced Tea Recipe

iced tea with strawberries

I am loving making as many fun fruity flavored iced tea recipes as I can this summer! It keeps me interested, and keeps the kids happy. Win-win, right? One of the kids favorite flavors ever is strawberry. We occasionally go down to Sonic and get milkshakes as a treat, and every single time, since he’s been old enough to talk, Garrett has asked for strawberry. There was one time where I almost got him to try pineapple, but at the {Read More}

Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe

Recipe for Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix

As I get busier and busier with life and kids (you know how it is), I become more partial to having mixes on hand.  It makes cooking from scratch, and therefore saving money, a lot less time consuming.  Ranch dressing is easy enough to make from scratch, and even my favorite avocado-lime ranch dressing isn’t too time consuming, but it’s nice to be able just grab the pre-made ranch dressing mix and go. Especially for ranch veggie dip.  If you {Read More}

How A Morning Routine Helps Me Stay Fit

how a morning routine helps keep you fit

My Quest For Fit Mom Mommyhood Fitness can seem like such an elusive goal. Especially for those of us with small children. It’s not easy juggling them and a barbell, or kettle bell, or whatever your favorite workout tools happen to be.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you probably remember the series of posts chronicling my pregnancy fitness journey a few years ago. It was tough! But it was so, so worth having the improved {Read More}

10 Things Living Without A/C Taught Me

open door

I spent most of my formative years in an Amish community. it’s a long story, but basically, when I was 10, my dad decided that the Amish lifestyle was God’s preferred method of gaining citizenship in heaven.  The particular community we moved into was unique in that, not only did we not have electricity, it wasn’t even available back in our  valley. The power lines stopped where the dirt road and buggy signs began. Even if we’d wanted it, there {Read More}

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies, and my husband is no exception (neither am I, but that’s not the point here).  The thing with my husband is that while he loves chocolate chip cookies right along with the rest of us, he’s allergic to gluten, eggs, and is doing his best to keep from eating refined sugar.  You can imagine how that would make baking for him a bit of a challenge. Not impossible {Read More}